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Looking your best in your 20s and 30s

There is no better time than your 20s and 30s to have your youthful glow radiate through your skin. The focus at this point in your life should be on the preventive steps you can take to maintain your skin’s health and beauty.


The cosmetic-surgery industry offers so much more than the stereotypical face lift. The surgery that may come into play later will help turn the clock back, but the skin care and minimally invasive procedures you adopt while you’re still young – from lasers to preventive Botox or Dysport – will pause skin aging significantly. Prevention also significantly delays the need for surgery; and when you do opt for surgery, the healthiest skin often yields the best outcome.

“If you can slow down the skin-aging process with sun protection and therapeutic, physician-involved skin care at this age, it can make a tremendous difference for years – even decades – to come.” – Dr. Cole

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Please do not be fooled by the latest trends at department stores. Only prescription products can truly penetrate the skin’s epidermis and dermis and make a visible difference in your skin. The FDA has mandated that over-the-counter skin care can’t penetrate under the skin’s surface. In addition to physician-strength products, we offer a variety of fillers, microdermabrasion, photofacials, targeted lasers, chemical peels, and retinol treatments to assure your skin reaches maximum potential.


Hopefully, you have adopted some healthy habits over the years regarding your skin. If so, sunscreen, vitamins, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and exercise are your constant companions. If not, now is a great time to start practicing good skin care in order to assure your outer radiance matches this youthful time of your life.