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Research based skin care that produces measurable results.

Our Oculus line includes topical products for a variety of general dermatologic conditions. As ingredients became available for indications such as photoaging and hyperpigmentation our scientists applied the most innovative pharmaceutical chemistry, formulating this generation of aesthetic treatments.

Helps rapidly dry and heal active lesions with a unique two-step process

The BlemZap Kit consists of two blemish fighting products, The Touchstick and a Medicated Concealer, which help rapidly dry and heal active lesions with a unique two-step process.
Great for: Correct and Treat

$26 (.5oz and 6mL)
CEGA Eye Cream
Potent antioxidant and peptide eye complex

This powerful combination of antioxidants also firms skin, neutralizes free radicals, and clarifies and brightens the area around the eye.  The ester of malic acid helps exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter more even skin tone around the eye area.
Great for: Prevent and Correct

$60 (.5oz)
Creamy Cleanser containing hydrating Lactic Acid

Helps moisturize dry skin with Lactic Acid, Petrolatum, and Sodium PCA, and is ideal for patients using products or procedures that can dry the skin. Designed for patients with normal to dry skin.
Great for: Cleanse and Prepare

$30 (6oz)
Multi HA Cleanser
Light-weight medicated cleansing foam

Combines 2% salicylic acid and glycolic acid with the antioxidant, green tea.  This powerful combination helps fight acne and reduce blackheads without over-drying the skin.
Great for: Cleanse and Prepare

$30 (5oz)
Help restore the skin's natural barrier from within.

Improves cutaneous barrier function, decrease the appearance of photoaging signs (texture, hyperpigmentation, redness) and reduce sebum production.
Great for: Renew and Fortify

$65 (1.75oz)
Extra gentle foamy cleanser

Foamy cleanser helps remove excess lipids without over drying and 100% Fragrance-free. This cleanser contains Evodiox, a powerful redness reducing agent derived from the Chinese Evodia rutaecarpa plant.
Great for: Cleanse and Prepare

$32 (5oz)
CEGA + Ferulic Serum
High-potency Vitamins C, E, and Ferulic acid

This combination provides both short-term cutaneous micro-exfoliation and longer-term skin appearance benefits.
Great for: Prevent and Correct

$90 (1oz)