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Reviews for Dr. Chip Cole Cheek Lift Procedures in 3333 Old Milton Pkwy #260

5.0 Review from V. Source: RealSelf Jun 16 2017

"Very pleased with my results - I'm so happy I chose dr cole for my surgery. I had a brow lift and cheek lift done last year and I love the results. Dr cole and his staff took great care of me through the whole process. No regrets whatsoever!"

5.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Jun 27 2016

"Fat Transfer Lumps to Nasal Folds & Tear Troughs Fixed! I Had Lower Bleph, Looked Hollow, Added FT & FT Ruined my Face - Atlanta - I HAD A ENDOSCOPIC CHEEK LIFT/ AND SEVERAL LASAR EYE RECONSTRUCTION PROCEEDURES TO EYES, NOT SURE OF THE EXACT NAMES, THAT IS WHY I PUT RECONSTRUCTIVE FACIAL SURGERY.I want people to know that I am still recovering, but as soon as I heal and get all my information together on all the procedures I had, I will post.If you have bad FT and would like to get it fixed, Harvey Chip Cole is the man to see, I had lumps, unevenness in my tear troughs, and nasal folds and my cheeks. I didn't think this nightmare could be fixed, but 3 weeks post, I have my almond shaped eyes back, no bags, no lumps, and nasal fold pulled up with an endoscopic cheek lift, or hidden, by pulling my cheek muscles up with a cheek lift, I look and feel amazing, I owe it all to Dr. Siddens, I waited a year in a half to see him and he referred me to Harvey Chip Cole, both wonderful, amazing men!!! God was on my side and I don't know how to thank them ENOUGH, except to tell and show what an amazing job was preformed on my face! My pics are on my phone and I will transfer them to my laptop as soon as I have time, I had to get the word out for all the ppl who are in the same BOAT I was in and feel a sense of desperation, don't give up!!! I waited 3 years to find the right person to get this fixed. FT CAN BE FIXED!!! Bedside manner, AMAZING!LOVE THE STAFF, NO RIF RAF, NICE & ACCOMADATING!ANSWER E-MAILS AND PHONES IMMEDIATELY!"