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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III

The Face

of Plastic Surgery
from the Inside/Out

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta
Atlanta, GA  Atlanta
Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta
Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Innovation  x  Experience

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Premier Facial Plastic Surgeon
in Atlanta

Premier facial plastic surgery requires three things: meticulous planning, exquisite surgical results, and a surgeon you can trust at every step along the way.

Quadruple board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole at Oculus Plastic Surgery offers more than 30 years of experience and has performed over 35,000 surgeries. 

With an eye for detail, Dr. Cole meticulously shapes your treatment to suit your individual aesthetic goals and preferences. Dr. Cole delivers stunning results and a superior patient experience from start to finish by utilizing innovative techniques in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  

Dr. Cole and his staff will be here to support you throughout every step of your aesthetic journey to ensure you feel informed, prepared, and confident about your treatment and results.


Our Aesthetic Services

Real Patients.
Real Results.

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The Personalized Precision
of Oculus Plastic Surgery,

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The OCULUS Plastic Surgery team is committed to safely and efficiently meeting the aesthetic goals of the patient through tailored, customized treatment plans created with patient comfort in mind.

Our personalized and ultra-advanced approach allows patients to achieve optimal results the first time, and our extreme precision helps surgical revision patients realize the outcome they’ve dreamed of.

Whether we are the first to guide you on your plastic surgery journey or you are dissatisfied with your results from a previous surgery, we are committed to giving you an enjoyable, stress-free experience with the confidence that you are in the most capable and compassionate hands.

We invite you to take a look at our galleries for a thorough example of what can be achieved at the hands of a quadruple board-certified surgeon when trusted by his patients.

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“A millimeter is the
difference between
success and failure.”

- Dr. Cole

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta
Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“A millimeter is the
difference between
success and failure.”

- Dr. Cole


Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole brings unparalleled expertise in facial plastic surgery in Atlanta. As a globally-renowned plastic surgery industry leader, Dr. Cole serves as a keynote speaker at prestigious universities and conferences.

In addition, he strengthens the skills of tomorrow’s surgeons as a fellowship instructor for two university programs and has been honored with the Most Outstanding Faculty Award several times. He is also a certified instructor for both laser resurfacing and BOTOX® Cosmetic, sharing his knowledge through teaching lectures all over the world.

Dr. Cole's extensive understanding of facial anatomy has allowed him to successfully perform tens of thousands of successful surgeries on patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

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Change a Face.
Change a Life.
Change a World.

Dr. Cole’s “Face Change”

Dr. Cole’s surgical expertise and artistry continue to be globally recognized.

His Amazon #1 best-selling book “Face Change” offers expert insight into the most effective and beneficial strategies for maintaining and refining your most youthfully authentic and beautiful appearance. Ten percent of all cosmetic surgery profits go toward the Face Change Foundation, a  501[c]3 nonprofit organization created to help troubled teens and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse change their lives for the better through facial plastic surgery. 

Outside of his impressive and longstanding reputation as a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Cole is a loving husband, father of 3, and grandfather of 6 boys.

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Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Results That
“Whisper” & Never
“Scream” – Dr. Cole

At Oculus Plastic Surgery, we employ the most innovative techniques to deliver authentic and stunning results.

Our InsideOut™ endoscopic and scarless plastic surgery techniques allow us to approach each surgery with extreme precision, giving every detail the time and attention necessary to achieve truly impeccable outcomes, with far less visible scarring than traditional plastic surgery.

Dr. Cole's InsideOut™ surgical method offers substantial rejuvenation that whispers youth without screaming surgery.

Beauty Restored from the

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Exquisite Results.

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Cosmetic Facial Procedures
and Plastic Surgery
in Atlanta

Dr. Cole’s deep understanding of facial anatomy allows him to deliver the most authentic and comprehensive results. Advanced techniques address every aspect of aging to rejuvenate your appearance from the InsideOut™.

Patients are consistently blown away by the natural appearance of their results. Many patients come to Dr. Cole after being left dissatisfied by the results of previous surgery and are elated to finally realize their ideal look. Learn more about some of the procedures we offer at Oculus Plastic Surgery, and schedule your consultation to discuss your personalized path to exquisite results.

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From The

INSIDE/OUT Deep Plane Facelift in Atlanta

While earlier methods failed to address underlying facial structures, a deep plane facelift delivers more than younger-looking skin. A deep plane facelift restores ligament connections to lift the face’s structure beneath the skin, delivering comprehensive rejuvenation without the “windblown” appearance. With Dr. Cole’s scarless surgery approach, you can achieve impeccably youthful-looking results.

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Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Delicate & Defined

INSIDE/OUT Deep Plane Neck Lift in Atlanta

The neck is often one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Horizontal bands, sagging skin, and excess stored fat can all contribute to an older or heavier appearance. A deep plane neck lift addresses every aspect of aging in the neck to produce a beautifully sculpted and youthful appearance. Learn more about what makes this approach superior to a traditional neck lift.

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Refresh Your Look

INSIDE/OUT Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift) in Atlanta

Blepharoplasty can help you restore your youthful and energized appearance as well as a full field of vision in some patients. Blepharoplasty can be applied to the upper, lower, or both eyelids to reduce drooping, bags, and wrinkles. For the best possible results, learn more about the benefits of blepharoplasty with a quadruple board-certified oculofacial surgeon.

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Leave Lines Behind

INSIDE/OUT Brow Lift in Atlanta

As the skin loses its elasticity, the brow may begin to appear heavy, and forehead wrinkles may begin to appear. This can make a face appear older or, in some cases, contribute to an unhappy or tired appearance. A brow lift effectively lifts the skin of the upper face to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and create a young, fresh appearance.

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Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Youth-full Contours

INSIDE/OUT Cheek Lift in Atlanta

A cheek lift or mid-face lift restores the cheek fat pads to their youthful position on the face to reduce the appearance of sagging. By lifting the mid-face, you can achieve a younger look and enhance the feminine quality of facial features in women. A cheek lift reduces hollowness below the eyes and marionette lines that run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

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Faster Than Filler

UltraClear Laser Resurfacing in Atlanta

UltraClear offers four modes to ensure you receive optimal treatment for your unique concerns. This ultra-effective, minimal downtime laser resurfacing treatment can enhance every aspect of your complexion within just a few minutes. Learn more about this advanced laser treatment, and schedule your consultation to discuss your personalized treatment.

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Your Ideal Results

Atlanta Plastic Surgery
for Out-of-Town Patients

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

Our goal is to make reaching the full potential of your aesthetic goals as easy and attainable as possible, wherever you are. For out-of-town patients, we offer concierge-level care to assist you in planning your stay around your procedure.

During the consultation and planning phase of your treatment, we will be here to guide you toward your best experience, including local hotels, dining recommendations, rideshare or limo service, and care before and after your surgery. Experience the best plastic surgery Atlanta has to offer while receiving the highest quality care and results you’ll love for a lifetime.

Out of Town Patients Atlanta, GA  Atlanta
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A Reputation For

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More Testimonials Atlanta, GA  Atlanta
Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Cole and his wonderful staff. I was referred for an eye issue and from day 1, I was treated with kind and compassionate care. Everything he was going to do during surgery was explained thoroughly and there were no unanswered questions… I more than highly recommend Oculus plastic surgery over and over again!”

— Erika P., Atlanta Oculoplastic Surgery Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“I absolutely Love Oculus. Dr. Chip was very professional and yet very easy to talk with. My eyelid surgery was performed and successful. And, the staff there are very accommodating in every way. Just a good and trustworthy surgery place.”

— Belinda M., Atlanta Blepharoplasty Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

"Absolutely wonderful, if I could give 10 stars < I would. Having complications not being addressed with my original surgeon, Dr. Cole and his staff compassionately helped me figure out my options. It was comforting to be in such knowledgeable hands. Highly recommend!”

–TheJambaby, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“Great experience all the way around! Staff and Dr. Cole are amazing, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.”

–Tina L., Atlanta Plastic Surgery Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

"My visit was pleasant and the staff was professional as always. Dr. Cole is one of a kind in his unique talent and skill level for oculoplastic surgery. I would not trust anyone else, as he is the BEST!!”

–Anita K., Atlanta Oculoplastic Surgery Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

"Dr. Cole is so patient, calm, and excellent in his work! His office staff (Julia and Jenny) are so kind and attentive! I don’t live in the area, but gladly drive over an hour for their expertise and excellent service.”

–Dana E., Atlanta Plastic Surgery Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“Dr. Cole is Picasso with a scalpel! I’ve had several procedures, and I’m very pleased with the results. And my aftercare has been exquisitely framed by Ms. Jenny and Julia! I highly recommend Oculus Plastic Surgery to achieve your best face!”

–John W., Atlanta Plastic Surgery Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“From the initial consultation speaking with Julia, I KNEW I’d chosen the BEST place. She was very patient, and knowledgeable and held my hand all the way up to my visit with Dr. Cole and Jenny. His warm smile and suggestions made me confident that I scheduled my appointment for surgery before leaving the office…Talking about AHHMAZING results and reversing the time. Julia, Jenny, and Dr. Cole are an exceptional DREAM TEAM!”

–Kyle R., Atlanta Cheek Lift & Blepharoplasty Patient

Atlanta, GA  Atlanta

“Everyone at this practice is wonderful. They listen to you and are really helpful with your concerns about your surgery. Dr. Cole is a great doctor.”

–Elaine M., Atlanta Plastic Surgery Patient


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Schedule your consultation with Atlanta’s premier facial plastic surgeon

Learn what’s possible with some of the most advanced techniques in the field today. During your consultation, Dr. Cole will use his extensive knowledge and experience to recommend an optimally beneficial treatment plan tailored to you. At Oculus Plastic Surgery, our honest and patient-focused approach ensures that every patient can achieve their best outcome.