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Inside/Out™ Facelift in Atlanta, GA

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Inside/Out Facelift Atlanta  Atlanta, Inside/Out Facelift Atlanta  Atlanta,

Dr. Cole’s Inside/Out™ Approach

Welcome to the world of the Inside/Out approach, a groundbreaking technique exclusively performed by Dr. Chip Cole at Oculus Plastic Surgery in Atlanta. With this unique method, we aim to provide exceptional results while minimizing the visible signs of surgery.

Facial plastic surgery offers you the ability to enhance your appearance with impressive results, but the fear of scarring scares some people away from realizing their aesthetic goals. While no surgery is entirely scarless, Dr. Cole has perfected his own trademarked technique for virtually eliminating visual scarring for any of his eye and facial plastic surgeries.

What is the Inside/Out Approach?

In his innovative Inside/Out™ Facelift approach, Dr. Cole creates access points inside the mouth, eyelids, or hairline before making strategic adjustments with a precision laser to the tissues endoscopically. Inside/Out™ allows Dr. Cole to get better access to your facial tissues, eliminate visual scarring, and decrease your overall recovery time. This advanced technique allows the skin layer to stay attached, so there is uninterrupted superficial blood flow, helping to result in a natural look with no tension distortion. That is why Dr. Cole’s results always whisper—and never scream.

Benefits of Inside/Out Facelift:

Hides every incision: Our technique ensures no visible scars, as all incisions are strategically placed within the hairline, behind the eyelids, or within the mouth.

Superior results: Inside/Out Facelift offers numerous advantages compared to other techniques such as Deep Plane and SMAS/skin lift. Our method addresses the deeper layers, providing long-lasting and natural-looking outcomes.

Sedation anesthesia: Experience a comfortable procedure with sedation anesthesia, eliminating the need for general anesthesia and its associated risks.

Customized for each patient: Inside/Out Facelift is tailored to meet each individual's unique needs and goals, ensuring optimal results.

Am I a good candidate for a Facelift?

Inside/Out Facelift Atlanta  Atlanta, Inside/Out Facelift Atlanta  Atlanta,

Often patients between 35 and 55 are ideal for a facelift, but many of our patients are 60 to 75. Dr. Cole performs a facelift based on how the face ages and curates a treatment plan especially to address your unique goals.

Inside/Out Facelift Atlanta  Atlanta,

What sets Oculus Plastic Surgery apart?

Dr. Cole, the visionary behind Inside/Out Facelift, is the exclusive provider of this trademarked procedure. With a global reputation as an invited lecturer and teacher, he continues to push the boundaries of facial rejuvenation. While other methods may result in general anesthesia, visible scars, distorted tragus and earlobes, mismatched skin color and thickness, longer recovery, and unnatural appearances, Inside/Out Facelift aims to overcome these challenges.

In addition, Dr. Cole stands among the select few physicians with the prestigious distinction of quadruple board certification. Recognized by the American Board of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, the American Board of Laser Surgery, and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Cole's extensive credentials ensure unparalleled expertise and quality care for his patients.

At Oculus Plastic Surgery, we believe in performing the Inside/Out Facelift procedure in a manner that addresses the natural aging process of the face. Experience the transformative power of the Inside/Out Facelift and restore your youthful radiance with confidence.

Inside/Out™ Technique Frequently Asked Questions

All pricing details for the Inside/Out Facelift procedure can be found on our website.

All incisions are strategically placed to be hidden within the hairline, behind the eyelids, or within the mouth, ensuring discreet healing.

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