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Inside/Out™ Technique in Atlanta, GA

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Innovative Invisible Surgical Technique - Atlanta, GA Atlanta Innovative Invisible Surgical Technique - Atlanta, GA Atlanta

Dr. Cole’s Inside/Out™ Approach

Facial plastic surgery offers you the ability to enhance your appearance with impressive results, but the fear of scarring scares some people away from realizing their aesthetic goals. While no surgery is entirely scarless, Dr. Cole has perfected his own trademarked technique for virtually eliminating visual scarring for any of his eye and facial plastic surgeries.

In his innovative Inside/Out™ approach, Dr. Cole creates access points inside the mouth, eyelids, or hairline before making strategic adjustments with a precision laser to the tissues endoscopically. Inside/Out™ allows Dr. Cole to get better access to your facial tissues, eliminate visual scarring, and decrease your overall recovery time. This advanced technique allows the skin layer to stay attached, so there is uninterrupted superficial blood flow, helping to result in a natural look with no tension distortion. That is why Dr. Cole’s results always whisper—and never scream.

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Learn what’s possible with some of the most advanced techniques in the field today. During your consultation, Dr. Cole will use his extensive knowledge and experience to recommend an optimally beneficial treatment plan tailored to you. At Oculus Plastic Surgery, our honest and patient-focused approach ensures that every patient can achieve their best outcome.