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Ptosis Repair in Atlanta, GA

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Ptosis Repair Atlanta GA  Atlanta, Ptosis Repair Atlanta GA  Atlanta,

Atlanta Ptosis Repair
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Feel like your eyelids sag, making you look tired and even obstructing your vision? This issue may not only be superficial.

Eyelid ptosis, characterized by drooping of the upper eyelid, is a disorder that Dr. Harvey "Chip" Cole, III, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in treating. Dr. Cole is a highly skilled OculoFacial plastic surgeon with experience in various methods to decrease the frequency of ptosis repair surgeries and shorten the duration of their respective recoveries. If you are bothered by eyelid ptosis, give Oculus Plastic Surgery a call or book an appointment online now to find out more.

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What is Ptosis Repair?

Congenital or acquired ptosis (droopy upper eyelids), which can occur at birth or later in life, is generally due to hereditary tendencies, aging changes, or trauma. The main reason for having corrective surgery for droopy upper eyelids is to improve vision in the upper-lateral field of gaze; however, there is a beneficial cosmetic side effect.

Corrective surgery is also necessary for children who have ptosis in both eyes for proper visual development. Surgery is done in adults to improve the visual field. Ptosis is a frequent cause of “fender benders” involving older drivers because of a decreased amount of reaction time when side vision is reduced.

Nationwide, approximately 25 percent of those having a ptosis repair need a secondary adjustment so that the best possible symmetrical results may be obtained; the percentage is only 10 percent in Dr. Cole’s practice. There are two basic surgical procedures to correct ptosis. The strength of the levator muscle in the eyelid determines which operation is performed.

Tightening / Resection

If the opening muscle has some strength and can elevate the eyelid, then the levator muscle can be tightened or resected. This elevates the lid to the desired level.

Frontalis Suspension

If a patient has poor strength of the eyelid muscle, tightening the muscle does not work well. This procedure uses the strength of the eyebrow muscle (frontalis muscle) to correct the droopy eyelid. A tiny silicone rod/band is passed inside the eyelid up into the eyebrow muscle, where it is secured. This elevates the lid and allows the patient to use their eyebrow muscle to control the lid height. This is analogous to suspenders holding up baggy pants.

Enhance your vision

Ptosis Repair Atlanta GA  Atlanta, Ptosis Repair Atlanta GA  Atlanta,

What are the benefits
of Ptosis Repair?

Ptosis correction surgery can dramatically enhance your vision by restoring access to areas of the eye previously obscured by a sagging top eyelid. The height, contour, and symmetry of your eyelids will also be enhanced. Your confidence will soar as people comment on how alert, revitalized, and youthful you look. Dr. Cole specializes in endoscopic procedures, leading to scarless results.

Ptosis Repair Atlanta GA  Atlanta,

Youthful Revitalization

Your Ptosis Repair Consultation

Our expert surgeon and compassionate staff want to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk into our Atlanta facility. We will educate you about your options to make decisions about your care easier. If you notice part of your pupil is covered by sagging eyelids, reducing your vision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cole to begin the process of making the change you want to see in yourself.

Contour and Balance

Your Ptosis Repair Procedure

Patients and their drivers are asked to arrive 30 minutes early for ptosis repair. You will meet with a nurse to check your vital signs and review your medical history. You will also meet with Dr. Cole before starting the procedure.

To keep you as comfortable as possible, we will administer sedation through an IV along with local anesthesia and numbing eye drops. Dr. Cole can perform the procedure using his scarless InsideOut™ technique if you have not had prior ptosis repair. If you have had ptosis repair with another surgeon in the past, he will likely use an anterior approach to improve the previous scar. When the levator muscle is addressed to fix a droopy eyelid, Dr. Cole uses temporary stitches to tighten the tendon and dissolving stitches to close the incision. In frontalis suspension, a small rod or band is placed through the eyelid and into the muscle above the eyebrow. Both of these procedures lift the drooping lid, giving it a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing look and fixing any problems with vision that the lid may have caused. A similar procedure, blepharoplasty, involves repositioning and removing extra fat, skin, and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids to make your eyes look less puffy, saggy, or tired. Dr. Cole can help you decide which procedure will best meet your needs. Most eyelid surgeries take an hour or less to perform.

Years Better

Ptosis Repair Results

While you will notice some change right away, your final results will take a few months to reveal themselves after your healing is complete. While we cannot stop the aging process, these results should last anywhere from ten to twelve years, depending on the individual. Your range of vision should be dramatically improved, and the appearance of your eyes may be younger and more alert.

Change That Matters

Ptosis Repair Recovery and Aftercare

Most people return to work and non-strenuous daily activities within a week after ptosis correction surgery and more strenuous activities after about two weeks. You may initially experience some swelling and bruising in the upper eyelid area, but these symptoms should subside quickly.

Ptosis Repair Frequently Asked Questions

The objective of ptosis repair is to improve your vision, while blepharoplasty is primarily a cosmetic procedure. However, both procedures may have functional as well as cosmetic benefits. During treatment for ptosis, your surgeon shortens or tightens the muscle that normally helps the eyelid stay open. The degree and origin of the ptosis will determine the specifics of the procedure. Blepharoplasty tends to focus more on removing and tightening excess tissues in the upper or lower eyelid.

The cost of ptosis repair at our practice generally starts at around $6,000.

The main causes of ptosis are aging, genetics, trauma, or prior surgery.

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