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Deep Plane Neck Lift Atlanta GA  Atlanta, Deep Plane Neck Lift Atlanta GA  Atlanta,

Atlanta Deep Plane Neck Lift
With Oculus Plastic Surgery

With so much focus on the face for anti-aging, many people neglect the neck as having a crucial role in your visible aging. A deep plane neck lift in Atlanta is the anti-aging answer you've been looking for, whether your neck seems aged due to excess and sagging skin or your jawline lacks definition.

Your neck's natural features can be sculpted and refined with the help of a deep plane neck lift, which can also remove years from your appearance. At Oculus Plastic Surgery, Atlanta deep plane neck lift provider, Dr. Harvey "Chip" Cole, III, MD, FACS, finds that this procedure complements many of his facial plastic surgeries. It's the difference between good results and great results. Many people state they never ever had a neck contour this defined, even in their high school years.

A Polished Look

What is a Deep Plane Neck Lift?

If you want to reverse the effects of time on your lower face, a neck lift can help. The procedure involves the surgical removal of extra skin and fat from the area around your jawline. The operation is often performed in conjunction with a facelift.

With a deep plane neck lift, the natural curves of the neck are enhanced with the application of gentle tension. To obtain definition, the following are among the neck layers raised: skin, muscle, fat deposits, glands, and connective tissue. The result is a more polished and appealing neck and jawline that gives the wearer a classic and sophisticated appearance.

Smooth Away the Years

Deep Plane Neck Lift Atlanta GA  Atlanta, Deep Plane Neck Lift Atlanta GA  Atlanta,

What are the benefits of a Deep Plane Neck Lift?

If you wish to sculpt, define, and contour your neck, the deep plane neck lift is the procedure for you. It effectively reduces the appearance of a double chin while improving facial aesthetics by reshaping the jaw. In addition, a deep plane neck lift adjusts the neckline of collared and sleeveless shirts for a more flattering fit and smoothes out the neck for a more refined profile. With Dr. Cole's signature Inside/Out™ technique, you will have little to no scarring in your final results.

Deep Plane Neck Lift Atlanta GA  Atlanta,

Scarless Beauty

Your Deep Plane Neck Lift Consultation

The main goal of any procedure should be undetectable, natural-looking results that meet your aesthetic goals. During your consultation with quadruple board-certified Dr. Chip Cole, you two will go over your ultimate cosmetic vision for yourself. Then, after thoroughly examining your facial structure and medical history, he will create a plan of action tailored to your unique needs. Schedule your consultation today to learn how Dr. Cole can revitalyze your image.

Deep Plane Neck Lift Videos

Deep Plane Neck Lifts | Plastic Surgeon REVEALS Pain, Recovery, Results & More

From the Inside/Out

Your Deep Plane Neck Lift Procedure

Your neck lift will be carried out under sedation anesthesia, and the procedure will take close to an hour or two to complete. Instead of the conventional incisions around the ears, Dr. Cole will make a single incision that is one inch long and conceal it inside your mouth. He will elevate the layers of the neck using this incision, shaping it so that it has a smooth and youthful appearance along the jawline and the neckline. Then, to raise and tighten the muscles in the neck, Dr. Cole eliminates the deep layers of fat from the neck and under the chin.

Youthful Touches

Deep Plane Neck Lift Results

It could take up to six months before all residual swelling subsides and you see your final results. Your neck will be noticeably smoother and more contoured looking, and your skin will have a more toned appearance. These results will provide a youthful lift for many years to come.

Rest and Recoup

Deep Plane Neck Lift Recovery and Aftercare

There will be a period of rest and recovery lasting up to two weeks after your deep plane neck lift. Following a deep plane neck lift Atlanta patients can expect:

  • You'll have some swelling and bruises, but they'll go away within a few days of using over-the-counter drugs.
  • Keeping your head slightly up while you sleep is recommended.
  • You’ll need to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for about three weeks
  • A compression garment for the neck may be recommended to aid with edema after your drains are removed
  • You shouldn't crank or strain your neck.

For the next two weeks, you should abstain from any physical activity that increases blood flow.

Deep Plane Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of people who seek to refresh the appearance of their necks choose liposuction. If your skin is tough and your problem is fullness due to fat, liposuction can help you get a more defined neck. Nevertheless, liposuction does not address the deeper central fat compartment, deep muscles or glands that have fallen. Superficial liposuction often leaves the neck with visible muscle bands in the platysma. Removing excess skin will not fix structural concerns that may be impacting your neck's appearance.

What sets a deep plane neck lift apart from neck liposuction is that:

  • A deep plane neck lift reshapes the jawline and neck by adjusting the underlying skin, muscle, fat, and connective tissues.
  • Liposuction of the neck and jawline can eliminate superficial fat but does not address other tissues.
  • Ten to fifteen years is the average lifespan of a deep neck lift.
  • Five to seven years is the average lifespan of neck liposuction
  • Most patients who undergo a deep plane neck lift can return to sedentary employment within two weeks and exercise within three weeks.
  • Most patients who undergo neck liposuction can go back to sedentary work after a week, and they can start exercising again in two weeks.

Dr. Cole starts his deep plane neck lift for around $12,000. The price will vary depending on the extent of the procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Cole will be able to give you a more detailed quote and discuss payment options.

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