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Plastic surgery has been around for centuries

Dr. Chip Cole06/22/2022

Plastic surgery has been around for centuries; make sure your surgeon is taking


You can't hide your face underneath your clothes.

Dr. Chip Cole06/10/2022

Make sure your surgeon has done hundreds, preferably thousands, of the procedure


Invest in the real thing.

Dr. Chip Cole06/07/2022

Your face is not the place to cut corners, use a coupon, or buy something that "


Do your homework and consider all your options.

Dr. Chip Cole05/26/2022

Ask questions and challenge yourself until you get that "gut feeling" that this


Make your goal to have plastic surgery reflect your innermost

Dr. Chip Cole05/18/2022

thoughts and feelings. Plastic surgery should not define you but merely help com


Learn as much as you can about your future plastic surgeon!

Dr. Chip Cole04/27/2022

You will share your hopes, dreams and expectations with them, and you need to ma


Make sure your surgeon is NOT ONLY board certified!

Dr. Chip Cole04/27/2022

By the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties) but is a specialist in the t