Eyelid Lift Insurance | Ptosis Repair vs. Blepharoplasty | Surgeon Explains

Because the main reason for having corrective surgery is to improve your field of vision, this procedure is usually covered by insurance to improve functionality while having a beneficial cosmetic result. Congenital or Acquired Ptosis (droopy upper eyelids), which can occur at birth or later in life, is generally due to hereditary tendencies, aging changes, or trauma. Corrective surgery is also necessary in children who have ptosis in both eyes for proper visual development. Surgery is done in adults to improve the visual field. Ptosis is a frequent cause of “fender benders” in the elderly because of a decreased amount of reaction time when their side vision is reduced. There are two basic surgical procedures to correct ptosis. The strength of the levator muscle in the eyelid determines which operation is performed. TIGHTENING / RESECTION If the opening muscle has some strength and can elevate the eyelid, then the levator muscle can be tightened or resected. This elevates the lid to the desired level. FRONTALIS SUSPENSION If a patient has poor strength of the eyelid muscle, tightening the muscle does not work well. This procedure uses the strength of the eyebrow muscle (frontalis muscle) to correct the droopy eyelid. A tiny silicone rod/band is passed inside the eyelid up into the eyebrow muscle where it is secured. This elevates the lid and allows the patient to use their eyebrow muscle to control the lid height. This is analogous to suspenders holding up baggy pants. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING BLEPHAROPLASTY During an upper eyelid lift, Dr. Cole makes a hidden incision in the natural crease of the eyelid. Once the tissue is removed, we also address any excess fat at the same time. Sutures are used to gently close the incision. A lower eyelid lift requires an internal incision in the lower eyelid to remove or reposition the tissue. This is also known as transconjunctival blepharoplasty. If, however, there is significant excess skin in addition to puffiness on the lower eyelid, a traditional incision just below the eyelashes (external blepharoplasty) can allow for the removal of excess skin. Our clinic in Atlanta works hard to make sure patients feel comfortable during the process and experience as little scarring as possible. HOW LONG IS RECOVERY AFTER BLEPHAROPLASTY? Most patients are back to their normal routines after blepharoplasty within a few days, although complete recovery may take as long as 2 to 3 weeks. While swelling, bruising, and some discomfort are all part of the recovery process, these side effects are temporary and can be alleviated with cold compresses and a mild pain reliever. OCULUS Plastic Surgery can provide further guidance and recovery instructions so you can feel more comfortable. WHAT IS BLEPHAROPLASTY? The skin on your eyelids is very thin, which means they are one of the first places to show noticeable and often troubling signs of aging. When the eyelid skin begins to sag and tissue droops around the eyes, you may see more wrinkles and hollow areas that only become more prominent over time. Loss of elasticity in the upper eyelid can even cause loss of vision. If you have any of these issues, Dr. Chip Cole may recommend blepharoplasty, more commonly known as an eyelid lift. An eyelid lift removes excess skin above and below the eyes so you can appear more refreshed. The professionals at OCULUS Plastic Surgery are proud to have performed countless successful procedures so patients can look younger and see better. Call our Atlanta, GA, office to schedule an eyelid lift consultation and see how you can benefit from treatment. WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR BLEPHAROPLASTY? Blepharoplasty can be performed on healthy patients with excess skin folds around the upper or lower eyelids. This excess or loose skin causes cosmetic problems and may even obstruct your field of vision. Our procedure at OCULUS Plastic Surgery can also address under-eye bags and puffiness that prevent men and women from feeling confident and enjoying life to the fullest. To find out if you are indeed an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cole or a member of our team. Dr. Chip Cole is a quadruple board-certified surgeon based in Atlanta, specializing in ophthalmology and plastic surgery of the eyes and face—honored with The Golden Scalpel Award for Surgical Excellence. Instagram: @drchipcole Oculus Plastic Surgery 5505 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd Suite 630 Atlanta, GA 30342 Main: (404) 256-1500 Fax: (404) 256-2006 https://oculusplasticsurgery.com Timecode 0:00 Is ptosis same as blepharoplasty? 0:07 What causes eyelid ptosis? 0:23 What is the difference between blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery? 0:41 Will insurance cover an eyelid lift? 0:50 Does insurance pay for ptosis surgery? 1:33 What is the criteria for eyelid surgery? 1:44 Can blepharoplasty be medically necessary? 1:58 Does insurance cover blepharoplasty surgery?