Neck Lifts with Dr. Cole - Oculus Plastic Surgery

WATCH to see Dr. Cole discuss deep plane neck lift surgery! Neck Liposuction and Platysmaplasty are surgical cosmetic procedures that help to tighten the area under the chin and restore a more youthful appearance. Sometimes the procedures will be done alone, but usually in conjunction with other long-lasting cosmetic procedures for the best results and effect. REMEMBER to do your research when considering any type of surgery! Facial surgery, especially, is a very specialized procedure, it is essential to select a surgeon with expert knowledge in both ophthalmology and facial cosmetic surgery - Dr. Cole is board certified in both! If you’re considering surgery or have any questions, give us a call at (404) 256-1500 or go thru our website,, to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with a quadruple board certified plastic surgeon!