Injectable Fillers in Atlanta, GA

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What are Injectable Fillers?

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures like Hyaluronic acid gel fillers are used to improve the appearance of deep facial wrinkles, folds, lines, and acne scars, as well as to enhance your lips by restoring youthful fullness. Hyaluronic acid gel fillers are also excellent for re-contouring other facial areas such as the chin, cheeks, temples, and tear troughs (area under the lower eyelid). As a naturally occurring substance in our body, hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to water (hydrophilic), which provides structure and contour. This, along with other naturally occurring skin cell components, diminishes as we age. At OCULUS Plastic Surgery, our team offers a number of hyaluronic fillers to remove wrinkles and/or restore fullness that are discussed at length during your consultation with Dr. Chip Cole to create an individualized treatment plan.

What are Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

There are two main strategies to keep in mind when deciding on the right fillers for you: immediate volume and stimulatory effect. Certain fillers will give you immediate volume, while others are designed to support and stimulate the growth of collagen over time. Most patients reach optimal results by combining the various injectables to create their desired outcome. The many benefits of both strategies include:

  • Correction of deep facial wrinkles, lines, folds, scars, and lost volume
  • A natural look and feel, using a natural substance
  • Non-animal based (non-bovine) materials
  • No skin testing required
  • Results lasting from 6 – 18 months
  • Customized treatments to meet your personal needs
  • Office procedures last only 20 minutes.
  • FDA approved, safe and effective substances
  • Fully reversible results with the use of an enzyme injection

Restore Lost Volume

If you are feeling insecure about your signs of aging but are intimidated by the thought of a surgical facelift, then injectable fillers could be the perfect solution for you. Fillers reveal younger and more voluminous skin without the risk of scarring or long recoveries afterward. There are numerous products on the market today that can help you obtain the appearance you want. For more information about fillers or to book a consultation, contact OCULUS Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA, at your earliest convenience to step toward a more youthful appearance.

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