Cheek Lift in Atlanta, GA

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What is a cheek lift?

Natural aging, gravity, sun exposure, and even the stresses of daily life can cause our cheeks to droop or sag from lack of volume. Dr. Chip Cole and the professionals at OCULUS Plastic Surgery can perform cheek lift surgery in Atlanta, GA. A cheek lift (also known as a mid-facelift) is a cosmetic surgery that elevates the tissues of the cheeks to restore natural fullness.

A cheek lift is often performed at the same time as a lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) or laser skin resurfacing around the eyes for more dramatic results. Correcting both areas at the same time will ensure a smooth appearance under the eyes and around the cheeks. To learn the details of this innovative procedure, we encourage you to call our anti-aging team. We can explain the process and help you get started with your cheek lift.

Who is a candidate for a cheek lift?

If you're unhappy with hollow cheeks or a tired appearance around your eyes and face, cheek lift surgery may be right for you. A consultation can help determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Cole will review your medical history, lifestyle, and expectations during this appointment. We also discuss your anatomy in-depth and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

A cheek lift is suitable for adults who are beginning to show signs of aging, including:

  • Smile lines or creases on each side of the mouth
  • Heavy eyelids or drooping upper eyelids
  • Sunken or hollow cheeks
  • Puffiness under the eyes

What to expect during a cheek lift

OCULUS Plastic Surgery performs a cheek lift using small incisions in the scalp above your ears and inside the mouth. No hair needs to be shaved in the process. Dr. Cole uses an endoscope for visualization, then lifts and secures the natural cheek pads back onto the cheekbone using a device called an Endotine. The Endotine is a ribbon (about the size of a small Q-tip) sutured to the cheek pad located back on your cheekbone. It's invisible beneath the skin and usually absorbed within six months to one year after surgery.

How long is recovery after a cheek lift?

Most patients are back to their normal routine within 1 – 2 weeks after cheek lift surgery in Atlanta, GA. Swelling, bruising, and some numbness are all part of the recovery process but should be alleviated over the following weeks to months. Your recovery timeline will depend on the extent of your procedure. Sutures are absorbable and will usually fall out on their own after about one week.

Cheek lift FAQs

Is there a nonsurgical alternative to cheek lift surgery?

While injectable fillers can produce fuller cheeks in the mid-face, this approach is temporary. Patients in Atlanta will need to get follow-up treatments every few months to a year. Cheek lift surgery is designed to last for years and requires only one procedure. Get dramatic results you'll love long-term!

Will I look fake after a cheek lift?

Dr. Cole is dedicated to providing natural-looking outcomes that won't look "pulled" or fake. He achieves this by reshaping the contours of the cheekbones, jawline, and mid-face to match your facial structure. We can review your cosmetic goals for treatment during an initial assessment.

Is there scarring after a cheek lift?

Not at all. We use incision methods to minimize visible scarring and strategically place incisions in areas where they are easily concealed. OCULUS Plastic Surgery will also provide detailed recovery instructions so you can protect your new look. These include staying out of the sun and UV rays after surgery.

Elevate your cheeks

Are you ready to reduce sagging cheeks and enhance your facial profile? At OCULUS Plastic Surgery, we're excited to give you fuller cheeks and a refreshed appearance that should last for years. If you're ready to begin your journey, Dr. Chip Cole is here to help. Call our office in Atlanta, GA, to discover the benefits of cheek lift surgery and how we give patients amazing results.

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