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About A Face & Neck Lift

Daily activities require us to use several muscles of the face and neck. Included in these muscles is the platysma muscle, a thin sheet-like muscle that extends from the lower neck up across the jawline onto the lower face.

When you are young, the muscle is tight and gives the throat and neck a clean, open look. With the passage of time, this muscle loosens and the area under the chin becomes loose and vertical folds appear. Patients sometimes refer to this as the “turkey gobbler” effect.

Neck Liposuction and Platysmaplasty are surgical cosmetic procedures that help to tighten the area under the chin and restore a more youthful appearance. Sometimes the procedures will be done alone, but usually in conjunction with other long-lasting cosmetic procedures for the best results and effect.


Platysmaplasty is performed through a one-inch incision that is made under the chin. The platysma muscle is tightened, like a corsette, and reattached along the neckline. If liposuction is needed in the neck area, the fat is removed through the same incision. A platysmaplasty involves the neck area only. It does not include the “jowls” or anything above the jaw line. In most cases, to achieve the best results, a lower facelift should be performed with the platysmaplasty to smooth the “jowl” area.


Most patients are back to their normal routine within 2 to 3 weeks. Swelling, bruising, and some discomfort are part of the recovery process and are alleviated by an individualized recovery plan.

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