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Dr. Cole Featured on the 'Beauty and the Biz' Podcast!

Dr. Chip Cole01/14/2022

Dr. Cole discusses his regrets, mistakes and what he’s doing with social media


How Long Is the Recovery Time After a Facelift?

Dr. Chip Cole11/27/2021

Dr. Chip Cole at OCULUS Plastic Surgery offers patients highly skilled facelifts and neck lifts to bring back that youthful appearance.


Can Blepharoplasty Treat Loose Skin Obscuring My Vision?

Dr. Chip Cole10/26/2021

Blepharoplasty can remove loose skin around the eyes to improve your appearance and line of sight. See how our advanced eyelid surgery works here.


Will A Facelift Tighten Loose Neck Skin?

Dr. Chip Cole10/02/2021

A facelift in Atlanta, GA may be able to tighten the skin around your neck and face.


Reverse the Signs of Aging Around Your Eyes With an Eyelid Lift

Dr. Chip Cole08/20/2021

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, may be able to reduce the signs of aging around your eyes by removing unneeded skin, fat, and muscle.


Three Reasons To Consider Lower Facelift Surgery

Dr. Chip Cole07/21/2021

What are the benefits of a lower facelift, and who is a good candidate for lower facelift surgery? Find out when you should consider lower facelift.